Product Reviews

As new Airstreamers, we want to help other “newbies” by sharing reviews on some of the products that we have found helpful.   We will post only recommended products here – so as to keep it positive.  Our reviews are genuine and based on our actual experiences.

As with any product review, you may want to conduct additional research before purchasing to make sure the product suits your unique needs.  If a product interests you, please use the link posted here to research further and, if desired, purchase.  You see, Amazon provides us with a little commission when you link to the product through our site which helps us to fund the costs associated with the blog.  When purchased through the links here on Amazon, you pay no more (or less) for the product.

Thank you, fellow Airstreamers, for your support!

Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

Shortly after purchasing Shining Hope, our attention quickly turned to purchasing a portable grill – an absolute necessity for RV-ing.  We looked at several different products, many of which seemed lightweight and flimsy.  We wanted a grill that felt solid, yet was portable.  We saw that many fellow RV-ers gave good reviews for the Weber Q Series Grills.  We decided to check them out, conducted lots of research, and settled on the Weber Q1200.  The pros:  portable yet very sturdy, large cooking area, heavy-duty removable grates, fold out trays that add additional workspace, great little foil disposable grease pans, and terrific color options if you like everything to coordinate (which I do!).  The only con we discovered is that the Q1200, having its own built-in regulator, could not be hooked up to our LP gas port on Shining Hope as the Airstream already has its own regulator.  The result would be extremely slow gas pressure to the grill. Sure, there were plenty of “how to” videos online that showed you how to remove the regulator from the Weber grill, but we viewed them and decided against that.  We didn’t envision us cooking near the port anyway, since it’s at the front of the unit, on the opposite side of the awning.  A strange location at that. Even with a 10 foot gas line, it still would have been awkward.  After one season of use, we are very pleased with our Weber Q1200.  We grill practically every meal with it and have even used disposable foil oven trays to fry bacon!    At $199, it’s priced right!  We highly recommend this grill.

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Andersen Leveling System

All I can say about the Andersen Leveling System is “WOW”!   Before owning this system, leveling Shining Hope was an extremely stressful experience.  We had used the standard block system previously, which required us to “estimate” the number of blocks needed and then adding or removing blocks, requiring Major Airhead to pull the unit up and back, and up and back, until well….it was “good enough”.   Not so with the Andersen levelers – we are perfectly level side-to-side the first time, every time!  Click HERE to view a video on how they work.

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Dometic Toilet Seat Upgrade

One of the things I love about our Airstream is that it has a full porcelain toilet, but it came with a plastic toilet seat that is hard to clean.  We found this upgraded toilet seat on Amazon.  The enamel coated wooden seat is a great improvement, easier to clean and more comfortable.  Recommend you make it one of your first upgrades!

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Viair 88P Portable Air Compressor

We got this handy little portable air compressor to tote along with us on our travels.  Its awesome to fill your TV tires and Airstream tires, as well as bicycle tires!  Major Airhead says that we may even be able to use it next year to blow out our lines when winterizing, instead of using our large air compressor.

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Instant Pot Duo – 6 Quart

The Instant Pot Duo is the wonder appliance for the kitchen!  I love this appliance for both my Airstream and my home.  I wrote an extensive review for my blog.  Read the review.  Can’t recommend this product enough!

Instant Pot
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Magma 7-piece Nesting Pots and Pans Set

This high-quality set gives you flexibility in cooking options in one set of nesting pieces.  I love, love, love this set.  The set is made of high grade 18/10 Stainless Steel and has heavy triple clad base for quick, even heating.   And, the bonus is that it all fits in one neat little package weighing only 10 lbs.  I use this along with a cast iron fry pan (mostly for the outdoor grill) and my Instant Pot and I’m ready for anything!  Safe for gas, electric and ceramic cooktops.  Oven and dishwasher safe.  Do not use handle in oven.  Using a silicone hot mitt with the handle is recommended.

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