The Top 7 Must-Haves for the RV Kitchen

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions by new Airstream and RV owners is “what are the must-have items for my kitchen?”  I know, because I asked that question myself not too long ago.  It can be overwhelming to figure out everything you’ll need to equip your RV kitchen.  Limited space means that you must be selective.  I’m sure everyone has their own list of RV kitchen must-haves.  Here’s the Streaming Airhead’s list:

Magnetic Spice Tins

What a convenient way to store spices and have them at-the-ready without taking up valuable counter or cabinet space.  These magnetic spice tins fit perfectly above my stove’s exhaust fan.  I have room for eight – four on each side.  These tins have a twist lid that allows you to either sift or pour the spices.  Such a clever idea!  You can also purchase a stainless steel wall panel if you prefer to hang the spices on the wall.

Vesper’s Kitchen Stackable Mixing Bowl Set

Every cook needs mixing bowls, a colander, and measuring cups.  This all-in-one nesting set is a super smart idea for the small RV kitchen. It weighs less than 2 pounds!  I love using the largest bowl for serving tossed salad.  This was a great little discovery for my Airstream kitchen.  If you prefer a more upscale model, there is also an awesome 18/10 stainless steel nesting set available from another manufacturer as well.
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Magma 7-piece Nesting Pots and Pans Set

This high-quality set gives you flexibility in cooking options in one set of nesting pieces.  I love, love, love this set.  The set is made of high grade 18/10 Stainless Steel and each pan has a heavy triple clad base for quick, even heating.  And, the bonus is that it all fits in one neat little package weighing only 10 lbs.  I use this along with a cast iron fry pan (mostly for the outdoor grill) and my Instant Pot and I’m ready for anything!  Safe for gas, electric and ceramic cooktops.  Oven and dishwasher safe.  Do not use the handle in oven.  Using a silicone hot mitt with the handle is recommended.
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Lodge Cast-Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet

In addition to the Magma nesting pots and pans, a good cast-iron skillet is also a must-have.  I use mine for cooking bacon and eggs over the campfire or grill, and also for indoor cooking with our gas stove.  Cast iron pans can also be used safely in the oven.  I purchased this one, manufactured by Lodge, with a silicone handle cover to help protect from burns. Cast iron pans should never be washed with soap and they should seasoned regularly for best results.
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Instant Pot Duo – 6 Quart

When RVing, the last thing you want to do is spend all your time in the kitchen.  We usually grill outside most the time, however, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. The Instant Pot Duo is the wonder appliance for the kitchen!  I love this appliance for both my Airstream and my home for preparing quick and easy, delicious one-pot meals.  Whenever you cook with the Instant Pot, you also save on LP gas.  I wrote an extensive review on the Instant Pot Duo for my blog.  Read the full review here.  I can’t recommend this product enough!
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Keurig® K10/K15 Brewing System

I’m a coffee snob – my coffee must taste as good when I travel as it does when I’m at home. The footprint of this single cup Keurig brewing system is small enough to preserve space on my countertop and it fits easily into my storage pantry.  These little coffee makers come in all sorts of great colors to add a pop of color and modern flare to my Airstream’s kitchen.  Plus, I find traveling with the K-cups is easy and I don’t have to worry about the mess of dealing with coffee grounds.
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Camco Stack-a-Plate and Drawer Liner

I use the Camco Stack-a-Plate holders to safely store my Fiesta dishes when traveling and I use small pieces of drawer liner in between plates and mugs to cushion them.  This system keeps my dishes safe and secure as we travel down the road and occasionally hit those major bumps.  Some might think I’m silly for traveling with Fiestaware, but to that I say… why not?  My Airstream is my home away from home, so I like to set a nice table from time to time – plus Fiesta dishes come with a 5-year chip warranty and they come in tons of awesome colors!


And there you have it – the top seven items I couldn’t do without in my Airstream’s kitchen!  What would you add to this list?   Please share your recommendations and feedback in the comments below.



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4 thoughts on “The Top 7 Must-Haves for the RV Kitchen”

  1. You can’t just buy any stainless steel panel and stick a magnet to it. It must have a certain amount of ferrous metal (iron) in it or a magnet won’t stick.

  2. I too travel with Fiesta – I just ordered the “Stack a Plate” and also the cup holder. Thanks for the great tip. We have a small coffee maker and an iron skillet and have covered the other areas with similar items. I also would put on the list – good knives (as good as the ones at home) and I have an induction hot plate and consider it vital. I can use it when we are plugged in, way faster than the burner and I set it up outside. A lot. I also love the Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler. We carry that instead of a grill sometimes.

    1. I just love Fiestaware. Use it in my home and in my Airstream. Hope you find the holders useful – I can fit four plates in each and I do stick a little protection in between them so they don’t scratch.

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