About Us

Drawing by: Sonya M. Hand

Welcome!  Thanks for visiting our site. We are Brad and Libby Trostle and we currently live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are new to RVing and to Airstreaming. We recognize that we have a lot to learn, thus, we affectionately refer to ourselves as “The Streaming Airheads”.

Our purpose in maintaining this blog is multi-facted.  First, and foremost, we want to share our Airstreaming Adventures with friends, family and the Airstream community. Second, we hope to share our lessons learned with other Airstream newbies to help them get started and hopefully save them from making the same mistakes that we have.

Our purchase of “Shining Hope” wasn’t just a transaction, it was the first step toward simplifying our lives.  Our ultimate goal is to downsize and become full time RVers!  As we work toward this goal, which we expect will take several years, we will also document our process of simplifying all facets of our lives:  work, home, relationships, finances, health and wellness.

Finally, Brad, AKA “Major Airhead”, is an avid metal detectorist.  Needless to say travelling across this great Nation is a dream come true for him and those who share this hobby.  We’ll be sharing a few of his adventures,as well, as he swings his way across America.